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Everything about our ginger shots, the ingredients and nutritional information.



Learn everything about ginger production.

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What's in it? Everything about our ingredients.

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Nutritional information

Energy, fat, carbohydrates: here are our shot's the nutritional values.

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Where do we source our ginger?

As a certified organic producer, we make sure to only use top-quality organic ingredients. More →

Are our drinks suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Our drinks are both vegan and vegetarian since we do not use any animal ingredients.

How do we know that our products are made of organic ingredients?

As well as carefully selecting the suppliers of our raw ingredients, we continuously monitor product quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, right up to the finished product. More →

Why is it called Ginger Shot?

The name "shot" comes from the small amount that is usually drunk at once, similar to a schnapps or an espresso. More →

What is the shelf life of our ginger shots?

Closed, our ginger shots have a shelf life of 24 months from bottling. More →

What is the shelf life of our smoothies?

Closed, our ginger shots have a shelf life of 24 months from bottling. More →

Should I store Kloster Kitchen drinks in a cool place?

Unopened, our ginger shots do not need to be refrigerated. However, most of our customers like them best when slightly chilled. More →

Is there a recommended shot dose?

Our recommendation is to drink one shot (30 ml) pure every day. More →

Where can I find your products?

You can either buy our shots directly online or check the ever-changing list of our online retailers. More →

Why do you need to shake the drinks before opening them?

It's best to shake the bottle well so that the delicious ginger pieces are distributed throughout the bottle. More →

Where do the deposits at the bottom of the bottle come from?

We only use natural ingredients, therefore it can happen that the ingredients in our shots separate and settle in the bottle. More →

I am a diabetic, what do I need to watch out for?

One ginger shot (30 ml) has 0.35 BE. More →

What exactly are the ingredients of your drinks?

Here you can find the ingredients of our beverages →