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Everything about your order, cancellations and the shopping cart.

4 articles
Bonus points programme

Everything about points, how to get them and what to do with them.

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Vouchers & discounts

How do I get vouchers, how do I redeem them, what are the conditions?

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Refer friends

Learn how to refer friends.

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Ginger Shot subscription

Learn how to set up the perfect ginger shot subscription for you.

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My account

Learn everything about your customer account.

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Everything about our newsletter.

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Everything about our ginger shots, the ingredients and nutritional information.

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Returns & complaints

What to do in case of incomplete delivery, loss or breakage?

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About Kloster Kitchen

Who is Kloster Kitchen? Find out more here!

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Shipping & delivery

Everything about shipping & delivery.

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Packaging & deposit

Everything about our packaging.

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