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What's in it? Everything about our ingredients.

Why is there pectin in our products?

Pectin gives liquids a creamy texture and in this way helps to keep the ginger pieces suspended in the bottle for a long time, thereby creating an optimal mouth feel. More →

Why is lemon juice concentrate used instead of lemon juice?

That has to do with maintaining a consistent product quality. Fresh lemon juice always tastes slightly different. More →

Why do we use pieces of ginger and not puree or pressed juice?

From the very beginning, it was very important to us to stay as close to the original as possible with our ginger shots. More →

Why do we use agave nectar?

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener obtained from the agave plant. More →

Does the Kloster Kitchen Ginger Shot contain alcohol?

No! Of course, we know that some people think of an alcoholic drink when they hear the word "shot". More →